January 2020

The Desire for Greatness Part 1

Scripture: Luke 22:24-30
I.     Personal ambition often stands in the way of spiritual greatness.
II.    God’s definition of spiritual greatness is service and not entitlement.
III.   Jesus is the example to follow if you want to be a spiritual champion.
IV.   Jesus has given you a place in His kingdom if you have accepted the invitation.

December 2019

Pray and Obey

Search and Rescue

Title: Search and Rescue
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-10
I.     God searched for and selected you.
II.    God’s plan for you is His praise.
III.   God rescued you from darkness.

A Long Time Coming

Scripture: Luke 2:1-20
Here are five reasons we must wait:
I.     It allows God’s timing and the circumstances to line up perfectly.
II.    God builds your trust in Him.
III.   You gain endurance.
IV.   It quiets you so you can hear from God.
V.    It has an incredible payoff.

What’s Your Excuse?

Luke 14;15-24
Danny Sandifer
I.     You have been invited to a feast like no other.
II.    The excuses are plenty, but none are valid.
       Some excuses given are:
       A) Riches
       B) Responsibilities
       C) Relationships
III.   All are welcome, but only those who accept will enter.